Susan Castle Equine Executive Officer

Susan Castle, owner of Castle Lipizzans, purchased her first Lipizzan horse in 1982, a beautiful stallion of pure Piber lineage. Since that time, she has focused on preservation and breeding of Piber-line horses, importing over twelve from the Spanish Riding School and Piber National Stud and breeding competition-quality Lipizzans from her private horse farm in Bethlehem, Connecticut. She has been a Director of both United States Lipizzan Registry (USLR), Lipizzan Association of North America (LANA) and Lipizzan Pedigree Trust. In those capacities, she helped draft many of the breeding standards and guidelines used today, and organized multiple venues for the advancement of Lipizzan horses in the United States. She is additionally a founding officer of the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation (LRF), the first National 501(c)(3) charity devoted solely to the rescue of Lipizzans and Lipizzan crossbreds.

Castle Lipizzan horses have made their mark throughout the world. Her original legacy stallion sired many beautiful examples of the breed, including Conversano Juliana II (Jason), New Zealand’s preeminant foundation sire owned by Gail Hamilton, and Conversano Melora I (Monty), a nationally known companion equine who partnered with Karen’s Rohlf and her program of natural dressage.