Keith Duly Chief Horse Husband

Keith Duly’s introduction to Lipizzan horses came in the form of holding his first horse (a stallion) during an emergency veterinarian treatment. That he’d never held a stallion – or any horse – before that first time was little deterrent to his can-do attitude and his growing interest in Lipizzan horses. Keith purchased his first Lipizzans from the Piber National Stud and the Spanish Riding School in the early 1990s, and visited their farm on numerous occasions, both to purchase and to discuss breeding and Lipizzan history.

Although he has jokingly called himself only a “horse holder”, he was past member of the Lipizzan Association of North America (LANA) and a Director of the Lipizzan Pedigree Trust. As a past Director of United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF), his business experience and Engineering/MBA education focused his efforts towards improving management and fiscal accountability for the organization.

Appreciative of equine behavior, Keith has promoted Lipizzans for many years by hosting/sponsoring Lipizzan booths and helping to coordinate breed demonstrations at the Northeast Equine Affaire and other venues.