The Lipizzan Horse

Vienna SRS 1773 Bernardo Bellotocerberoneopolitano

Bred for kings, the Lipizzan’s keen intelligence and baroque athleticism is truly unmatched in the horse world.  Time and time again, we see an almost spiritual connection between Lipizzans and their human partners. Selecting and acquiring such exceptional horses is a profound… and worthy… journey.

For this reason, we’ve focused on choosing the finest initial bloodstock, whether from American or Austrian sources – horses with traceable pedigrees, beautiful movement, affectionate temperament and superior intelligence. Our international connections can identify the finest Lipizzans – sound, sturdy athletes with the talent needed to compete at upper levels and yet mannered and sensible enough to be ridden by amateur riders.

To assure the best bloodlines and the widest compatibility with American breeding programs, we’ve traveled to Europe since 1988, evaluating European stock and importing horses from the famous Bundegestut Piber (the Austrian National Stud) and the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Our specialty has been Lipizzans of Austrian lineage, and we are one of America’s most experienced importers of Piber-line breeding horses.

As an added benefit for import stock, we’re located just 90 minutes from the East Coast import station, assuring your imported Lipizzan is smoothly transitioned to his or her new home. Situated in the scenic hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut, our farm is minutes away from historic, antique and recreational centers, and convenient to regional and national airports.

Visitors are always welcome by appointment – to discuss our farm or general information on this magnificent breed.